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童年逆境 Childhood Adversities

簡介 Introduction

負面童年經歷 (ACEs) 現已被認為是一個嚴重的公共衛生議題。常見的ACEs包括童年虐待和疏忽照顧,以及一系列家庭問題 (e.g., 家庭暴力、家中有物質濫用者、家人患有精神病)。ACEs可以造成的負面後果,在文獻裡已有大量記載。ACEs不僅跟精神健康與行為問題 (e.g., 抑鬱、思覺失調、自殺、HIV高危行為、物質濫用、犯罪) 關係密切,也跟很多身體健康問題有關,包括糖尿病、肥胖、心臟病、癌症、中風等等。專家甚至認為,ACEs是嚴重精神病和HIV高危行為最能預防之成因,而且ACEs也可促成很多致病成因(The Childhood Adversity Narratives, 2015)。ACEs的經濟和社會成本是巨大的。因此,從公共衛生的角度而言,保護兒童成為了我們社會預防眾多身體和精神健康問題的一個重要方法。

Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) are now recognized as a serious public health issue. Common ACEs include childhood abuse and neglect and household dysfunctions (e.g., family violence, household substance abuse, mental illness in household). The negative outcomes of ACEs have been well-documented in the literature. Not only are ACEs closely related to many mental health and behavioral problems (e.g., depression, psychosis, suicide, HIV high-risk behaviors, substance abuse, criminality), but also related to a lot of physical health problems, including diabetes, obesity, heart disease, cancer and stroke and so on. Experts even suggested that ACEs are the most preventable cause of severe mental disorders and HIV high-risk behaviors and that ACEs can lead to many leading causes of death (The Childhood Adversity Narratives, 2015). The economic and societal costs of ACEs are also very huge. Therefore, child protection has become a very important strategy to prevent many physical and mental health problems in our society from a public health perspective.

作者/Author: Hong Wang Fung


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