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街頭表演 Busking

簡介 Introduction

街頭表演(Busking)指在公眾地方進行表演以娛樂觀眾。街頭表演最初在19世紀歐洲開始,其後蔓延至美國、澳洲及亞洲 (W, 2018)。街頭表演以多種形式進行,包括唱歌、樂器、魔術及繪畫。由於街頭表演大多不受地方限制(例如街道、天橋、商場前的公眾地方等),造成使用公眾地方及噪音滋擾問題 (Simpson, 2011)。不少國家如澳洲、新加坡、英國及日本已對街頭表演者進行規管及發牌。在香港,自2018年8月旺角行人專用區取消後,表演者與行人間的衝突加劇,因而提出對街頭表演的規管,促成「開放舞台」的表演 (香港特別行政區政府新聞公報, 2018)。

Busking (or street performance) refers to the form of entertainment where people perform in public area. Busking started in Europe on the 19th century, and spread throughout America, Australia and Asia (W, 2018). The entertainment can be present in various forms such as singing, playing musical instruments, performing magic and drawing. Since busking can take place anywhere (i.e. streets, footbridge and public areas in front of shopping malls), it raises issues regarding to the usage and noise of public area (Simpson, 2011). Many countries, for example Australia, Singapore, United Kingdom and Japan, have started policies to give guideline and issue license to buskers. In Hong Kong, conflicts between buskers and pedestrian become serious since the abolition of the pedestrian precinct in Mong Kok in August 2018. Voices of reinforcing laws for busking regulation has been raised, and thus the use of “Open Stage” has been started (香港特別行政區政府新聞公報, 2018).

作者/Author: Hoyee Au-Yeung


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