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社會工作與資訊科技 Social Work And ICT

簡介 Introduction

在社會工作中使用科技的趨勢正迅速增長,其影響不單是提高效率,更促使從業者拓展能力,改變了介入工作的設計及實踐方式(Berzin,Singer & Chan,2015; Goldkind & Chan,2017)。在社會工作的脈絡中,“科技”主要泛指資訊及通信科技(ICT),當中包括各類由科技支援的介入措施 ;有些只是調整了技術,有些則開始發展由人工智能驅動的介入措施( Chan&Holosko,2018)。在這趨勢下,有新的學術教科書(Hill&Shaw,2011年; Watling&Rogers,2012年),能力標準(NASW,2017年)及道德操守(BASW,2013年)。總體而言,不少由科技支援的介入措施均表現出良好的果效及內在一致性,但評估及理論方面仍有很大改進空間(Chan,2016,2018; Chan&Holosko,2016)。科技支援的介入措施也帶來了新的挑戰和機遇,例如數碼鴻溝、從業者能力問題、服務地域邊界及各種道德問題(McAuliffe&Nipperess,2015; Reamer,2015)。

The trend of using technology in social work is rapidly increasing. The impact of technology goes beyond increased efficacy, as new technologies force practitioners to expand their abilities, and change how they design and implement interventions (Berzin, Singer, & Chan, 2015; Goldkind & Chan, 2017). In the context of technology for social work interventions, “technology” mainly refers to information and communications technology (ICT), and there are various types of technology-support interventions, some are merely technologically adapted, and some are driven by artificial intelligence systems (Chan & Holosko, 2018). There are newly developed academic textbooks (Hill & Shaw, 2011; Watling & Rogers, 2012), competency standards (NASW, 2017) and ethical guidelines (BASW, 2013). Overall, many technology-supported interventions indicate good outcomes and internal validity, but there is much room for improvement in evaluation designs and theorization (Chan, 2016, 2018; Chan & Holosko, 2016). There are also emerging challenges and opportunities arising from technology-supported interventions, such as digital divides, practitioners’ competence issues, jurisdictional boundary issues, and various ethical issues (McAuliffe & Nipperess, 2015; Reamer, 2015).

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