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社會企業 Social enterprise

簡介 Introduction

社會企業是指以社會利益為依歸,以經營業務賺取的利潤資助機構的其他社會服務項目 (林曦彤, 2018)。據香港社會服務聯會統計,全港約有650間社企,以經營餐飲及零售業居多 (阮斌, 2018)。香港政府一直致力推動及建立社會企業,資助額累積至1.8億港幣,但至今尚未為社企定義立法及推出更多有利社企發展的政策(薛友德, 2014)。

Social enterprise refers to organizations that aims to maximize social benefits by making profits to achieve its social service mission (林曦彤, 2018). According to the statistics from Hong Kong Council of Social Service, there is approximately 650 social enterprise in Hong Kong, mainly are in catering and retail industry (阮斌, 2018). Hong Kong government has been committed to develop social enterprises and its accumulated subsidy reached to HKD 1.8 billion, but the government has not yet legislate the definition of social enterprises as well as creating friendly policy for social enterprise development (薛友德, 2014).

作者/Author: Carmen K.M. Yau

新聞及政府資訊 News&Government Information

林曦彤. (2018, 2018-10-02, December 23). 社保助窮人 錢從哪裡來?. 文匯報. 香港.
阮斌. (2018, 2018-09-09, December 23). 【社企血淚】人人可做社企 政府暫不考慮立法規管. 蘋果日報. 香港.

影視作品 Movie and TV Series

曾憲宗. (2016). 社企打工王. 香港: 無線電視.
薛友德. (2014). 社企唔易做. 鏗鏘集. 香港: 香港電台.
香港政府為發展社企項目,資助額1.8億港幣,, 但成效不如理想,近二成社企在資助期間倒閉,不少社企被批帳目混亂,主要問題在於政府審批欠缺周詳考慮,只讓非謀利團體申請和以社會服務思維經營社企。
鄭惠芳. (2013). 社企有道. 香港: 香港電台.

學術文章 Academic Papers

Defourny, J. & Nyssens, M. (2010). Conceptions of social enterprise and social entrepreneurship in Europe and the United States: Convergences and divergences. Journal of Social Entrepreneurship, 1(1), 32–53.
This paper first review how the concept of social enterpreneurship rooted in Europe and United States. Authors studied how these concepts are being conceptualized converged and deverged in the societies in these countries.
Doherty, B. et al. (2006). The diverse world of social enterprise:A collection of social enterprise stories. International Journal of Social Economics, 33(5-6), 361–375.
This paper highlight the diversity of 11 social enterprises around the world competing against the competitive commercial world as well as colaboarting with useful workers to achieve the vision and mission of these societ enterprise.
Kerlin, J. A. (2010). A comparative analysis of the global emergence of social enterprise. Voluntas, 21(2), 162–179.
This article overviews the concept and practice of social enterprise among seven regions and countries around the world to identify factors interfering the mission and vision of social enterprise.
Spear, R. (2006). Social entrepreneurship: A different model? International Journal of Social Economics, 33(5-6), 399–410.
This paper aims to develop a framework to analyze and define social entrepreneurship in different dimensions. Based on several case studies of social enterprises, this paper makes suggestion on effective social policy.

書籍 Books

Doherty, B. et al. (2009). Management for social enterprise. Management for Social Enterprise (pp. 1–246).
This book covers the key topics of social enterprises in terms of managment in finance, governance, marketing strategies, ethics and human resources with real-life cases.
Paton, R. (2003). Managing and measuring social enterprises (pp. 1–192). United States: SAGE Publications Inc.
This book provides solid theory and research to guide social enterprises to operate and manage differently from private sectors.

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