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社會企業 Social enterprise

簡介 Introduction

社會企業是指以社會利益為依歸,以經營業務賺取的利潤資助機構的其他社會服務項目 (林曦彤, 2018)。據香港社會服務聯會統計,全港約有650間社企,以經營餐飲及零售業居多 (阮斌, 2018)。香港政府一直致力推動及建立社會企業,資助額累積至1.8億港幣,但至今尚未為社企定義立法及推出更多有利社企發展的政策(薛友德, 2014)。

Social enterprise refers to organizations that aims to maximize social benefits by making profits to achieve its social service mission (林曦彤, 2018). According to the statistics from Hong Kong Council of Social Service, there is approximately 650 social enterprise in Hong Kong, mainly are in catering and retail industry (阮斌, 2018). Hong Kong government has been committed to develop social enterprises and its accumulated subsidy reached to HKD 1.8 billion, but the government has not yet legislate the definition of social enterprises as well as creating friendly policy for social enterprise development (薛友德, 2014).

作者/Author: Carmen K.M. Yau

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