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VP Human Library

Vitality Place (VP) has promoted the Human Library in full swing. In the past, a lot of sessions have been carried out in various high schools, education institutes, organizations and general public to share the life stories of the persons-in-recovery. Through genuine dialogues and interflow, the stories can induce reflection and resonance of readers. As highlighted, one of the characteristics of VP Human Library is that there are connections between the persons-in-recovery and the general public via different kind of activities in different forms. For example, every Human Storyteller is partnered with a community volunteer so that they underwent trainings together in order to support the former in storytelling. Besides, stories were presented with illustrations which were drawn by young illustrators. Life Story Books and Animations were produced to connect with a broad range of readers.

VP was funded in 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 to run the project of "Painting Color on Your Life"and"Painting Color on Your Life 2.0" respectively. Through Human Library, Animations, Story books and multi-media art workshop, the general public and persons-in-recovery are encountered so that the life stories can diminish the misunderstanding, promote the mental health and social inclusion. The project has reached positive outcomes. For example, it can reduce the self-stigma of persons-in-recovery, and strengthen their self-confidence. It can also enhance the general public' s knowledge of mental health and the understanding of persons-in-recovery. Finally, social connectedness and inclusiveness are promoted.



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