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Social enterprise startup: Actualizing dreams with cooking housewives

In most people’s eyes, “social enterprises” are meant for solving social problems, and mostly targeting on the disadvantaged. This statement is partly correct. In fact, the broader meaning of social enterprise could be illustrated as a type of business model, which aims to achieve certain social purposes, or to satisfy certain social needs. Festyle is a social enterprise established by a group of post-90s Millennials, transforming from a prototype originated in the 2015 Hong Kong Social Enterprise Challenge (HKSEC). Ding Ding, who was the leader of her team in the competition, tells us the vision behind the project – to provide a flexible working environment for the housewives who gave up their career for their families. This project aims to help these housewives to unleash their cooking skills and promote women employment and empowerment in the society. Meanwhile, a healthy dining lifestyle can also be promoted among the city dwellers.