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Ho Chun Dick

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Performing sets me free

Ho Chun Dick,Adi graduated from the Church of Christ in China (CCC) Tam Lee Lai Fun Memorial Secondary School. He suffers from Tourette's syndrome and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). In the sixth year in primary school to the first year in secondary school he became ill, ADHD caused him to have endless physical strength, and Tourette's syndrome caused him to twitch and make sounds uncontrollably. In the second year of secondary school, he started juggling bells. Focusing on juggling, Adi's twitching syndrome disappeared. The applause he received during the performance made Adi more confident. ‘My stubbornness allowed me to keep practicing. I didn't give up juggling, and I ignored other people's opinions. I insisted on performing well and letting people know about Tourette's syndrome. This is what I want to accomplish.’

 (Photo provided by interviewee)