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Michael Khan

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I am a mixed-race Hongkonger

Michael was born and raised in Hong Kong. He calls himself a ‘mixed-race Hongkonger’. Michael’s parents are both mixed-race, and their family members were born and raised in many different places, some were from the Philippines, some were from overseas Chinese (communities), the Middle East, Pakistan, Spain, and Italy ... It is not an exaggeration to say that one who possesses this complicated lineage can be called ‘mixed-race’. On the other hand, the ‘Hongkonger’ part is intriguing. How is this identity formed and how can it be defined? Michael shares the challenges he has encountered studying in Hong Kong and his thoughts on participating in social movements. Step by step, Michael recognizes that he has become a Hongkonger. However, he also believes that race is not the most important thing because everyone can become good friends. If everyone can set aside different backgrounds, help each other, and pursue one’s ideals, the world would become a better place. His nickname ‘Bestfriend Michael’ symbolizes the spirit of friendship. Gradually, to inspire more people has become his mission.

(Photo provided by interviewee)