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            《媒介與敘事實踐》是一項研究計劃,旨在探索及檢討各類敘事活動的歷程及成效。此計劃由真人網絡設計及統籌,由香港浸會大學社會工作系副教授陳智達博士擔任首席研究員。真人網絡是政府認可的慈善團體 (稅務局慈善團體檔案編號: 91/17589),旨在透過各類敘事活動促進公眾心理健康及社會融和。


            此研究通過真人網絡的人類實驗對象操守委員會審核。如您對這項研究有任何查詢,您可以透過電郵 ( 或電話 (+852 63689828) 跟我們聯絡。

  • 我明白我的分享內容及相關的數碼資料將被紀錄,我亦有機會在不同時段填寫問卷。
  • 我明白我參與此項研究是自願的。如我選擇參與此研究,我亦可以隨時退出研究;如我選擇不參與或退出此研究,我不會因此而負上任何責任。
  • 我明白我在計劃中提交的資料及回應內容均受嚴格保密並會以電子形式加密保存。研究結果亦只會作學術交流之用。
  • 我明白計劃期間所收集到的資料亦會在研究完成後的三年内將會完全銷毀。


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Mediums and Narrative Practice

Research invitation and Consent Form

            This activity is part of the Mediums and Narrative Practice research project, which has been reviewed and approved by the Human Subject Ethics Committee of humansWeb. Once the content of the response has been collated, it will be used in research projects for the benefit of the wider community. Personal data and identity are not disclosed, as detailed in the Research Invitation and Consent Form. 

            Mediums and Narrative Practice is a research project, it aims to explore and evaluate the process and effectiveness of various narrative means.  This project is designed and coordinated by humansWeb Ltd, with Dr Chan Chitat, Associate Professor at the Department of Social Work of Hong Kong Baptist University, as the principal investigator. humansWeb Ltd is a government-sanctioned charity (IRD Charity File No. 91/17589) that aims to promote public psychological health and social cohesion through various narrative activities.

            Participants will be invited to engage in certain narrative activities, such as face-to-face counselling conversations, public interviews, written presentations, online interviews, photo stories, etc., and will also invite participants to fill out questionnaires. The information submitted by participants and the content of their responses during the Program are kept strictly confidential. The information will be stored in encrypted electronic form and the results will only be used for academic exchange. The information collected during the project will also be completely destroyed within three years of the completion of the study.

            The study was reviewed by the Human Subject Ethics Committee of humansWeb Ltd. If you have any enquiries about this study, you can contact us by email ( or phone (+852 63689828).

  • I understand that my sharing contents and related digital data will be recorded, and I will have to fill in the questionnaire at different times.
  • I understand that my participation in this study is voluntary. If I choose to participate in this study, I may withdraw from the study at any time, and if I choose not to participate in or withdraw from this study, I will not be liable for this.
  • I understand that the information I submit and my responses to the project are kept strictly confidential and will be stored in encrypted electronic form. The results of the research will only be used for academic exchange purposes.
  • I understand that the information collected during the project period will also be completely destroyed within three years of the completion of the study.

If you choose to agree, you mean that you:

    • I have read the relevant materials of the above study
    • Participation in the study on a voluntary basis has been agreed
    • Be at least sixteen years of age